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Welcome to the homepages of Spensort Education, Training and Services, SETS Freelancer or SETS for short.

These pages contain some basic information about the training, education and development services we can offer. As a brief overview, we can:

  1. Provide quality assurance services such as proofreading and editing for your training courses or other business documents and publications.
  2. Help you design, create and develop courses, curriculums and content (materials, articles and other publications) for your training programmes, be they in-class or on-line.
  3. Teach in-class or deliver on-line courses ranging from self-defense and security guarding skills to business, security and risk management topics.

Please browse around and feel free to contact us for further information, quotes, freelance rates or any other questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Mission

Our aim is to be a leading provider of integrated and innovative training courses, educational programmes, products and services for web-based training and eLearning supplemented by In-class blended learning where needed.

For the future, we intend to become established as an independent and preferred provider of training and education courses & services, initially focused  on our core areas of business, security and risk management. These consist of higher education level security management courses supported by grass-roots specialist expertise in civilian self-defense, personal security, conflict intervention & management, guarding skills and loss prevention that provide a more consistent and coherent understanding of the security business throughout all its levels and layers.

We expect to broaden our services later into other related areas and delivery mediums, encompassing both the human skills, organizational processes and the physical security systems that must work together consistently and seamlessly to provide an effective and efficient security service.

About Us

SETS Freelancer is currently a small one man freelance operation conceived in 2011. As an Englishman in Helsinki since 1995, we can even communicate well enough to teach and educate in Finish language based classes. In the future this Freelancer service is expected to evolve into a fully fledge education and training business providing it's own unique courses and pedagogy for students and business clients alike.

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Professional references, associations & networks

Information about professional associations, networks and 'What other people say'.

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Further information:

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