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SeTs Freelancer heralds from a group of friendly and open minded people from a wide spectrum of professional teaching and security backgrounds, martial art styles, ages, cultural backgrounds various and other recreational and professional interests and activities.

In addition to professional work experience in project management and as English language teachers and lecturers in higher education for security and business topics, our instructors also have many years of training and teaching experience in Liikan Jitsu (Jiu Jitsu) and  Kyusho, supported by several years experience in the security industry including at the grass roots level, such as as public order & door supervisors (bouncers etc.) and guarding (retail & loss prevention). We have even acted as assistants (avustaja) in local Tv programmes (E.g. Salatut Elämät ;-) and game production projects (video).

Our personal security training and teaching experience is extensive, since 1983. That's almost 30 years of training and 25 years of teaching experience with the foundation and teaching of 3 clubs since 1987, the latest one being the Liikan Jitsu Club ry, founded in 1996. We are as accustomed to teaching children as we are adults and have conducted several successful demos and courses for local authorities and schools in both the UK (e.g. New Malden) and in Finland, e.g. Uomarinteentie koulu, Myymäki, Viherlaakso Lukiokoulu in Espoo and the Vantaa City 'Liikuva Koulu' sports and demo days.

Instructor qualifications include the IFPO Certified Protection Officer certificate, NLP Master Practitioner certificate, an M.Sc. in Security and Risk Management and local Finnish state qualifications and work experience as Järjestyksenvalvoja / portsari (public order / door supervisors) and vartija (security guard / retail), with use of force rights, including pepper spray, baton, TKP and hand-cuff permits.

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Liikan Jitsu is a well rounded  self-defense and security management system that continuously tries to renew and improve itself. What we practice is not a sport, even though friendly competition is an essential part of the training process, nor is it about gratuitous violence and aggression. It is about having fun and keeping fit  and healthy in the process of personal security training. This outlook and approach to our personal training feeds back directly into our professional lives and approach to the work we do.

Our self-defense training from which our personal security management school is derived, is based in the traditional arts and particularly well founded in Japanese Jiu Jitsu, but does not limit itself to them. Indeed, consistent with modern pedagogical theory and philosophy, we try to continually review and update both our knowledge and our system from any available source as we deem appropriate, be it traditional martial arts or modern psychology and security management. Anything less is merely the preservation of a cultural and historical relic that is of little practical worth, except for historical academic interest.

Below is a brief list of some of our interests and activities.





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