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Conflict Intervention and Management

The Conflict Intervention and Management offering consists of two broad levels or target groups, the general public and security officers.

The Assault Awareness and Risk Management Courses

The A.A.R.M. courses (Assault Awareness and Risk Management) are a group of 2, 3 or 5 day awareness courses on personal security and conflict management for the general public in daily life or, company staff who are at risk of violence in the work place. Also available as notified are open days for scheduled courses and free Insight Courses for those that want to get a preview before taking on the full course. Training  may be live in-class or online via our hybrid Web based Training and eLearning (WbTeL) programmes which allow learners to explore the subjects in more depth as they so choose.

Security supervisor training

Security supervisor training programmes are tailored extra-curricular courses and classes aimed at people working in front-line civilian security roles, or any other responsible persons at risk of violence in the work place, who have realized the need for significantly more knowledge and skills than those taught in the standard security job certification courses. As required, these can usefully be taught as a follow-on from the AARM courses, or as stand alone training for those already with some knowledge and experience. They are more practice oriented and so best suited to live in-class training, though on-line overview courses for self-practice and video reviews may become available in the future.

AARM Course Aims & Curriculum

For a more detailed preview about the AARM courses, please take a brief look at our information slideshow and handouts. Breeze through the main slides or, if you so choose, delve deeper by listening to the podcasts or opening the extra notes via the icon links provided in the right hand margin.

Key Benefits

  • A comprehensive overview of the assault cycle and conflict management aims, objectives and our role within it, tailored to the students own experiences and situational requirements.
  • Practical techniques and skills for avoiding, preventing and managing conflict in a more professional, coherent and consistent manner.
  • Increased staff confidence, moral and motivation at work combined with improved customer relations and job performance.


The instructor holds an M.Sc. in Security and Risk Management, is a certified protection officer (C.P.O.) with the International Foundation for Protection Officers (I.F.P.O.), and certified as a master practitioner in Neuro-linguistic programming and has been training in the martial arts since 1982 and  teaching since 1987, having founded and taught three clubs in the U.K. and Finland. The training is complimented by both practical work experience as a security supervisor (incl. doorman) and guard (retail) and by other formal security education and qualifications gained locally in Finland.

Capability 1
A highly experience self-defense and conflict intervention instructor, studying martial arts since 1982 and teaching since 1987.
Capability 2
An experienced security guard and supervisor, with work experience in bars, hotels, restaurants, exhibition centers, sports events, music festivals, exhibition centers, youth centers, shops / retail establishments. Qualifications include 1st Aid, flammable work supervision and use of force with hand cuffs, baton, telescopic baton and pepper spray.
Capability 3
A broad and high level of education in work-place violence, security and risk management as a whole, including an M.Sc. degree and a master's certificate in Neuro-linguistic programming (psychology / psycho-therapy and communication skills).

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