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Courses & Training Classes

SeTs Freelancer's core activities includes the provision of training classes, on-line web-based training (WBT) and eLearning courses for an accelerated personal education.

Whether you need to brush up your knowledge on a certain topic for your job, to enhance a job application, evaluating a topic for further formal academic study, acclimatise to the higher education learning culture and help pass the entrance exams, or simply are just interested in learning more about a topic in your own sweet time and way without boring lectures and the pressures of formal academic study, then these courses are for you.

"Don't let school interfere with your education."

Mark Twain

Starter courses for exploring new subjects and further education are a great in themselves, but, why stop there!?

Course Availability and Information page, go to >>

Current economic pressures and the political desire to create jobs and get people into work is putting ever more constraints on higher education institutions (HEI's), especially polytechnics  to prepare  students for the perceived current work place needs. This is fast leading to a situation of 'defacto' subservience to industry that entails 'prescription teaching' (one size fits all) constrained by current business thought and trade practices as taught by former professionals from working life often lecturing with little or no teaching experience or qualifications. In 2014 the Finnish government is also lowering the educational standards and requirements for teaching even further.

Task and role specific training varies from company to company and hence needs to be tailored to the specific job and profession, which can only be done (best) by professional associations and companies themselves. HEI's are supposed to aim beyond these limited objectives and be a science (& research) based thought leader that challenges conventional thinking and the established order. In turn they should empower their students not only with knowledge but, a level of critical, analytical and diagnostic thinking that breaks the current boundaries and drives development in the work place, not be a slave to it.

Have you become a 'professional or corporate slave'? Would you like to break the chains and free your mind to new realms of possibility in the way you work or the techniques and science that you apply? 

Course Availability and Information page, go to >>


From 'Shu-Ri-Te' to JKD

The Japanese have a phrase 'Shu-Ri-Te', which loosely translated means 'Copy - Adapt - Develop' at its base level, and 'Obey-Break-Depart' at another. Following the professional code and standards is merely copying. We must be able to adapt these to different circumstances and needs. At the highest level of training and skill we must break free of the 'Kata' completely and even 'form' of any kind in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do (JKD) philosophy. In order to become effective and gain competitive advantage in the future, let alone fully develop our potential, this process of change and personal development through 'whole mind' learning is and must be continuous and never ending.

'As it is above, so it is below'

Whilst formal higher education institutions continue to limit their focus and abilities at the upper end of the spectrum in the disciplines they profess, more informal training programs such as SETS are free to pursue the ideals of cross-disciplinary study both horizontally and vertically in the recognition of the fact that: 'As it is above, so it is below'. The ability to understand and interchange the various knowledge systems, principles and skills between disciplines at all levels of application within coherent models and frameworks of principles and concepts is an invaluable skill for anyone seeking survivability, creativity and innovativeness in the modern world.

SETS courses are ideal for those that would like to refresh their knowledge, thinking and outlook on the subject of their chosen profession, or even broaden their horizons to related disciplines that may be encountered on their climb up the corporate ladder. Refresher courses or new courses of study also provide an excellent forum for professional networking and a more open and systematic exchange of related ideas and information that is deeper and more profound than the more ad-hoc cyber-space bounded interactions of on-line professional and social networks.

Do you need or want some refreshments? If so, these courses are for you.

Learning is for life, life long!

So, what stops you from training and learning!?

Course Availability and Information page, go to >>

Whilst individual course styles and methodologies may vary in accordance with content and target / focus group needs, all the courses are designed using multi-media, social (networking) and blended learning principles to optimise learning interest and support, whilst giving you options for learning according to your own preferences and goals.

There are no formal exams or other assessments, other than informal tests, quizzes, puzzles and any other feedback methods based on observable criteria designed to help you learn and check for yourself what you have actually learned in as fun and enjoyable a way as possible. However, we may provide certificates of course completion and even achievement if required.

Simply put, all you have to do is take one step at a time, set your goals 'smartly' and get 'SET' to take the strain out of your training.

So, 'Go Ape' and contact us now  for your Accelerated Personal Education programme.


Current Courses & Training

Initial course offerings are divided into three broad levels or areas: personal security (self-defence) system; security operational skills; security and risk  management.

Personal Protection and Security (PPS)

Live in-class courses and training are available and on-going.

  • Assault Awareness and Risk Management Courses for security professional and the general public a like. AARM >>
  • Self-Protection Classes and Courses for the work-place and special interest groups. Classes >>
  • Physical Education and Training classes and clubs for higher-education and school teachers and students.  Iltispuolustus >>

Security Operational Skills (SOS)

Courses consist of live in-class courses and hybrid Web based Training and eLearning (WbTeL) courses. Listed In-class courses are available to order. WbTeL versions are currently under development and should become available during 2015.

Security and Risk Management (SRM)

Courses are organizational security and risk management focused. These WbTeL courses currently under development and will start to become available during 2015.

Please review our course listings below to see if your course is available yet.

Course Availability and Information page, go to >>



Kyusho International
Kyusho International On-Line Learning Programs

SKF Book Store
Shaolin Kung Fu On-Line Book Store >>

Turtle Press
Link to Turtle Press martial arts webshop




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