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Welcome to the homepages of Spensort Education, Training and Security Services, SETS Freelancer or SETS for short.

We do not sell, rent, or otherwise transmit information about our visitors.

We collect only the information we need to diagnose and track problems with our site and help track our marketing programs.

Every employee of SETS Freelancer has access to that information. For more info 'About Us', click here >>.


Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright Notice


All rights are reserved!



These web pages and all courses are copyright © 2014 Chris Spencer.  All rights reserved.

Materials in these and other Spensort SETS web pages (E.g. Facebook, YouTube & Google+) and courses may not be reproduced electronically, optically or on paper without the express permission from the copyright holder. Materials from other authors and copyright holders are used with permission. For reprint permissions, contact Chris Spencer.


Intellectual Property Rights (IPR):

All courses, curriculums, service & trademarks, learning schema and models, materials and content produced by Chris Spencer and by or for Spensort SETS remain the sole intellectual property of Mr. Chris Spencer.

Linking to or re-use of any of Spensort SETS web pages, curriculums, learning schema & models, service & trademarks, content and materials requires prior express written consent from Chris Spencer.


Contact Us:

You can contact us via email or, call in for a chat on the Spensort pages on Facebook.


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