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Welcome to the homepages of Spensort Education, Training and Security Services, Spensort, SETS or STS for short.

Professional references, associations and networks

Personal Security Network, FinnSecurity ry and  LinkedIn.

You can also find us on the following professional networks:

Research Gate: Follow me on Research Gate


What other people say:

"The programme included a skilfully paced topic presentation, imaginative and fun exercises with some principles of self-defence.

The instructor communicated clearly in Finnish language, he had good contact and a warm authority towards the students, that he kept enthusiastic and focused. Our participation in this Liikan Jiu Jitsu workshop was in our opinion the highpoint of the event."

Tarja Malmi-Raike, School Teacher (class 4b),  18.5.2014

Vantaa City 'Liikuva Koulu' event, 8.5.2014

“I have been exceptionally satisfied with the security services provided by Chris. I have enjoyed his commitment to event (and personal) security planning, smooth efficient and speedy execution and well managed conclusion.”

Sami Hakala, October 24, 2006

Chris designed delivery process for Nokia Network IN Platform related products and participated successfully in commissioning of the delivery process.

Mitro Kivinen, October 26, 2006

Chris initiated and project managed the development of the Dialog marketing window within the NOLS extranet service for global operator customers of Nokia Networks. Despite the shifting internet platforms and resource limitations, he succeeded in launching and updating the service on time to meet the needs of several marketing campaigns and industry events. In my personal experience as the NOLS Chief Architect at that time, this success was in part due to his ability to ask all the right kind of questions and find suitable solutions.

Mikael Zühlke, January, 2001



Contact Us:

You can contact us via email or, call in for a chat on the Spensort pages on Facebook.


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