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Education & Training Services

SeTs provides educational, training and consultancy services for web-based training, eLearning  and 'blended learning' In-class teaching in general.

SeTs can help you with your training and educational development programmes in many different ways, from proofreading to course and curriculum creation.  By working with you throughout the development project and educational programme life-cycle integrated and innovative competence based curriculums for web-based training, eLearning programmes and blended learning courses can be effectively developed.

Experience is the food of life, variety is the spice!

Whether or not working with a 'flipped' classroom approach or 'Learning by Development' (LbD) pedagogical models, all courses are designed in accordance with higher education and vocational teaching methodologies and competence standards (e.g. European Qualifications Framework). To be truly effective, learning should be an experiential process (Kolb's ELT) of exploration, discovery and development built into the curriculum and course design in accordance with the subject matter. It should not be just a separate add-on or after thought such as in the form of loosely related work experience placements or other study projects where learning, both good and bad, happens as much by chance.

Teaching is the Leading of Learning by Example!

The foundation of vocational education is 'of course' competence based objectives in order to provide tangible results which can be applied immediately at work. Learning should be lead by 'SMART' objectives and facilitated by mutually supporting case studies, research, development, project, and problem based learning methods as best serves the learning needs.  However, in this fast paced ever changing world this is rarely enough if we are to improve the way we work and gain competitive advantage, be it individually in our jobs and careers, or as a business organisation. To this end, cross disciplinary knowledge, experience and skills are leveraged to provide fresh insights and approaches to inform longer term strategic thinking for those with an open mind and the will to think beyond the borders and boundaries of our immediate professional conventions and circumstances.

Whilst some courses maybe standardised and available off-the-shelf in our eCourses offering, others can be created and made to order or developed in cooperation with your own internal training staff. If you need help and extra support staff for you education programme management or development work, with just a couple of easy clicks you can  Contact Us.

Our teaching (SME) services are currently focused primarily on the fields of business, security & risk management divided into three broad levels or areas: personal security (self-defence) system; security operational skills; business, security and risk  management.

However, we can also provide other services, for example, as consultants and assistants for Tv programmes and games (video).  For more information, Contact Us.

Security, Business & Risk Management (SRM)

Organizational Security and Risk Management courses may be developed according to customer requirements from our own knowledge and expertise  base or, as a development project drawing on the competences of subject matter experts (SME) and other technical professionals.

In a development or educational management role we can assist you with the entire course life-cycle or eLearning educational development process from analysis and design to development, implementation and evaluation (ADDIE). Courses may be designed for In-class blended learning or web-based and eLearning needs.

Security Operational Skills (SOS)

Practical training tailored for security professionals working in the areas of security supervision and 'Loss Prevention', such as in retail establishments. Training is based on a combination of academic and practical training, spiced with personal experience on the job.

Such training would necessarily include a judicious complement of personal security, security supervision, guarding 'use of force' skills along with appropriate background knowledge, theory, concepts and principles.

These tailor made courses and training classes may also be developed based on or  supplemented with the Assault Awareness & Risk Management (AARM) courses to provide a solid and consistent programme of development. A.A.R.M. courses deal with personal protection, Conflict & Risk Management

The Conflict Management offering consists of two broad levels or target groups, the general public and security officers.

  • Assault Awareness and Risk Management (A.A.R.M.) courses. Go to >>


Personal Security Systems (PSS)

(self-defence and conflict & risk management)

Professionally designed self-defence and personal security management eLearning courses, pamphlets and other instructional productions on all things related to personal security management and self-defence.

  • Assault Awareness and Risk Management (A.A.R.M.) courses. Go to >>
  • Self-defence club training, classes and courses . Go to >>

Dynamic Physical Education

We provide dynamic physical education lessons for school kids to augment and in support of the schools' own P.E. Teachers' programmes for their school kids. This also includes an afternoon club service for local schools in Finland which form part of our Iltispuolustus concept.

Iltispuolustus is our trademark self-defence themed afternoon clubs for schools service. Iltispuolustus is a Finnish term coined to refer to clubs providing 'defence against boring afternoons after school until the parents get home'. It includes a strong focus on fitness and mobility making good use of basic break-dancing and pure Parkour moves and techniques to augment and enhance the basic self-defence training.

More information (suomeksi), videos and references are available from our Iltispuolustus page.

All good self-defence training must naturally includes three important elements:

  1. Mind Skills
  2. People Skills
  3. Physical Skills

All of which must be applied congruently to obtain the best and most synergetic effects. These are all taught as part of an integrated training programme that makes use of 'Collaborative Learning and Competition' training formats and taught as part of a 'Whole Mind and Blended Learning' methodology.

As it is above, so it is below

Just as psychology, pedagogy and teaching in general try to make use of all the five senses and the 'Whole Mind', so to do all good self-defence styles and their training programmes.  Self-defence is.. in training as it is in everyday life, no more obviously so than the emergency services we and our society rely on.


Since moving to Finland in 1995, the instructor has developed his own school and style of self-defence, personal security, conflict and risk management, known as Liikan Jitsu, or Liikan Kyusho Jitsu in more recent times. Liikan Jitsu is a composite martial art style originally based on Japanese Jiu Jitsu (Ju Jutsu) and focused on modern day self-defence and personal security management in general. The Liikan Jitsu school continues to be developed and includes, or will include, many modern civilian operational security skills to some degree or other, all documented in several reference manuals with training video projects currently under development.

This expertise is currently practised in conjunction with the Helsinki Kyusho Study Group under the auspices of Kyusho International the world's foremost experts in the field of pressure / vital points for martial arts and health. Kyusho International boasts its own impressive on-line learning programme, the link to which can also be found on the top right 'Affiliations' navigational pane of these pages.


Kyusho is the art of striking or otherwise manipulating vital points on the body for health or self-defence purposes.  Practical training in modern day Kyusho (as defined by the Kyusho International (KI) programme) for modern day applications that facilitates greater skill development and hence the confidence to actually use them in real life if need be.

Currently training is provided once per month via the Kyusho Study Group, Helsinki, but may in the future be expanded to include other offerings designed specifically for security professionals.



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