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Papers, Exibits &  Presentations

This page provides a list of some free on-line but otherwise informal and unpublished papers, exibits and presentations (PEPs) that SETS staff members have written on the topics of security, education and training.

Access can be obtained via our Facebook Friends Site (not the public page) and are for your personal information only. Please note that you will have to identify yourself and your interests when you request 'Friends' Status in order to get your free copies.

For those of you with access, some of the papers below are also available via Research Gate as indicated by the Oak Leaf icon and/or Academia.edu.

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All documents and presentations provided remain the sole property of the author with full intellectual property and copyrights reserved.

The bullet listed titles below are cascaded. For more information about the PEPs, click on the bullet points.


  • Border Control, Services & Management in Higher Education.
    • The Security of Students and their Studies is as much a part of International Border Control as it is for teachers teaching in the classroom, especially in multi-cultural class environments where foreign students from abroad are invited in, recruited and selected by the educational institutions.
    • This essay (and the accompanying in-class presentation slides) attempts to explore these crossovers and inter-relationships at three key levels, between the educational science theories of classroom teaching and pedagogy, the activities and role of Educational Institutions in the sense of a broader facilitative and supportive framework, and looking completely out of the box to the broader national Border Control and hence international security framework.

  • Raiders of the Lost Arcs and the Edu-Grail
    • The Finnish schooling system as been consistently rated at the top of the PISA rankings despite a foundation on principles almost the opposite of the Global Education Reform Movement (GERM) philosophy. The question is why!?
    • Part 1 - Essay: A Comparison of Education Systems - Paradoxes of the Anglo-American and the Finnish educational systems.
    • Part 2 - Roaming Reflections in the light of recent (2013) news articles. An enhanced version can also be found on the Pähkis Blog.
  • Memory Linguistics
    • Five Phases & Three methods for learning functional work-related language skills.
    • A presentation slide set from an in-class teaching demonstration
  • From PbL to LbO
    • A presentation and in-class lesson on Problem based Learning (PbL) in the context of Learning by Objectives (LbO) and related learning methodologies.
  • Da Vinci's Demons
    • An essay and accompanying slide presentation on Formative Assessment and Feedback: Processes & Skills Development for Small Groups and Uncooperative Students.
  • Pedagogy of Networking in the context of Learning by Development (LbD).
    • An essay on Partnerships and Stakeholder networks in the vocational education world with a case study on the Learning by Development (LbD) pedagogical model.



  • Crime and the Workplace
    • An essay to 'Compare & Contrast' the situational and social approaches to crime prevention for any one type of workplace offence’.
    • In order to compare and contrast the two main methods of ‘Crime Prevention’ known as situational and social crime prevention, this essay focuses on one kind of workplace offence known as ‘Shoplifting’. Any such comparison must deal with the theoretical foundations of the two approaches, their distinguishing characteristics, overlaps and the extent to which they are effective in real life given all the difficulties inherent from limited resources and other legal restrictions.
  • Applied Crime Management
    • To what extent can crime pattern analysis assist the security manager?
    • This essay examines the extent to which the analysis of crime patterns can assist the average security manager, particularly those in a private organisation, to manage the risk and prevent losses due to criminal activities against their employer. The extent to which they can and will do this is inevitably based on an assessment of their own needs and capacity in comparison to the ‘added value’ obtained by the effort.
  • Managing Risk and Security
    • To what extent do security managers need to take account of national and international risks when formulating their organisational security procedures?"
    • Security managers, whether in private or public service, are assumed by virtue of their job definition to be responsible for identifying and taking into account in their security planning, all possible ’security risks’ to their organisation. The question that this essay seeks to answer, is confined to the extent to which security managers in private organisations will need to consider, plan and prepare for possible national and international risks arising from man made acts of terrorism. In particular, the essay focuses and draws on the bombing at St Mary Axe, London in 1992.
  • Law, Procedures and Security Management
    • 'Citizens may be considered to have a natural right to privacy, yet companies have a responsibility to know exactly whom they are employing’. A discussion.
    • The discussion essay in question is concerned with a citizen’s ’natural’ right to privacy, yet in the course of life and working life in particular these rights come with a certain amount of responsibility as well as inevitable infringements and compromises. Companies on the other hand are merely a legal creation. They are not a human being that can possess ’natural’ rights or commit criminal acts, yet they are legally responsible to society, their stakeholders and all parties affected by their decisions and activities.
  • Management, Organisation and Security
    • A Critical discussion of the ways organisational structure and culture affect the role of the security manager
    • This essay critically discusses the relationship between structure and culture, how and what affect they have on the role of security managers. To understand how culture and structure affect the role of security management, it is important to understand not only their nature, components and ‘stereo-typologies’, but also their key variables and influencers that combine in various ways to create different cultural, structural and hence organisational typologies. To this end the essay will define and discuss the role of the security manager in relation to each of these aspects in turn, before drawing a brief summary and some conclusions.
  • Security Supervision and Screening
    • What are the perceptions and attitudes of customers in Finland to security stewards locally known as ‘järjestyksenvalvoja’ and the job they do? What implications if any, do these have for the profession?
    • This dissertation studied the profession of security stewards in Finland known as ‘järjestyksenvalvoja’, and specifically those trained, registered and working as door supervisors in pubs and taverns locally, known as ‘portsari’.  The study was undertaken from the point of view of the customers’ attitudes and perceptions in order to establish which roles, methods and resources are most commonly acceptable to customers in order to facilitate voluntary compliance with järjestyksenvalvoja as much as possible. These were studied in relation to Place Theory in particular and other criminology theories such as Rational Choice, Routine Activity, Life Style, and Risk theories.



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